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5 top activities your children will love

5 top activities your children will love Title: 5 Great Activities For Parents & Kids It goes without saying that parents naturally spend a great deal of time with their young children. However, what's really important in terms of developing a healthy relationship and raising a child properly is just how that time is spent. In addition to taking care of your kids, it's also important to do fun activities and enjoy hobbies with them. Of course, you can always keep your kids busy and entertained by picking up a fun toy or game at M&S, or setting up a play date with other children. But enjoying mutual activities allows you to teach your kids valuable skills, bond with them, and entertain them (as well as yourself) all at once! With that said, here are 5 perfect activities for child and parent interaction.

1. Quiz Games
Competing with and testing your kids via quizzing is a great activity for a variety of reasons. Quiz games are educational, enjoyable, and interactive, and thus are perfect activities for parents and kids to do together. Additionally, they're easy to access and arrange - from quiz books to online sites, quizzes on any topic imaginable are always available, so you can keep your kids from getting bored with these games.

2. Crafts
Craft work allows your kids to learn artistic skills and express themselves in completely original ways. If you set up a corner of the house for storage and craft work, it can become a special place for you and your children to work on projects that are entirely your own. This is a great way to create an ongoing hobby to enjoy together - perhaps even on a daily schedule for kids to look forward to.

3. Kite Flying
Kite flying is a specific example of the more general idea of establishing an outdoor activity that your children enjoy. Much is said these days about kids opting to stay inside on computers and playing video games instead of getting out and staying active, and providing young children with practice in a fun outdoor activity like kite flying is a great way to instill healthy habits.

4. Woodworking
Woodworking could fall under the heading of "crafts," but specific woodwork is a bit more of a rugged activity with more potential for practical application. Woodwork is better suited to slightly older children, but it never hurts to teach your kids a bit about making and/or fixing objects, and with an activity like this you can have fun doing it.

5. Puzzles & Models
Doing puzzles and building models with your kids can also make for a great activity. These sorts of things teach kids patience and problem solving, and certainly give you a great opportunity to sit down and spend some time together.